01. MRZ 2022
Bands against Corona.

Bands against Corona Key Visual

Germany’s #ZusammenGegenCorona campaign by agency Antoni has inspired us deeply. Under the heading #BrandsAgainstCorona, hundreds of brands have joined forces and changed their slogans to motivate people to vaccinate. Now, we asked ourselves: What could we as an audio branding agency do? 

The answer: Let our favorite musicians speak up. The why do birds team had loads of fun thinking up over a hundred altered record covers. In the next few days, we will show more of them under the hashtag #BandsAgainstCorona
Bands against Corona: Massive Inject - VaccineBands against Corona: The Rolling Stones - I Can't Get No Vaccination
Bands against Corona: Never Mind The Virus Here's the VaccineBands against Corona: P.C.R. - Vaccination for the People
Bands against Corona: Johnson & Johnson - In Between TestsBands against Corona: Astrazeneca - Kill the Virus
Bands against Corona: Scooter - Pfizer PfizerBands against Corona: BIONTÉCH
Bands against Corona: Booster Rhymes - The ComingBands against Corona: Backstreet Boost - Antibody (Vaccine's back)
Bands against Corona: Moderna Taking - Star CollectionBands against Corona: Whitney Husten - My Cough is Your Cough